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Strategic ALignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions

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The specific objectives of this project are to produce:

  • Model programme and module curricula in the current global technical challenge subjects;

  • Support for students with learners with personal challenges during their study and when wishing to undertake periods of study abroad through ERASMUS exchanges, for example

  • Models for maximising accessibility of programmes to all learners;

The aims of this project are to investigate and explore these challenges and to:

  • Build a shared understanding of the skills and competence needs of graduates to help European Companies respond to the current global technical challenges.

  • Enhance current understanding of academic programmes and modules in terms of technical content and level of learner achievement as a means of improving clarity of learner skills and competence for mobility, academic progression and employment.  At present careful scrutiny of application forms is often required when learners apply for academic experiences (such as work placements and ERASMUS exchanges) to fully understand how well the learner meets pre-requisite requirements; and how exchange programmes meet home institution requirements.

  • Build a common understanding of current practices and issues associated with marketing programmes and the support of students from unconventional backgrounds and those with special needs.  In this context special need are taken to include, but not be limited to students with: physical mobility problems; dyslexia and dyspraxia; visual and audio impairments; aspergers, autism, depression, anxiety. Students with special needs often require adjustments to be made to infrastructure and teaching practices, adjustments that need to be carried out with sensitivity to the students involved.